Saggy old cloth cat.

I've just been to have my haircut. I now look like a thug. I'm not too happy about that. My equation has always been; the shorter the hair the more thuggish you are. My hair is now shorter than my self image would usually allow. To be honest I'm a little bit upset about that. I don't like looking like a thug. Still I guess it means I don't have to have it cut for a while. Not unless I want to look even more thuggish. Which I don't.

I think I have this association partly because of a little pop-psychology piece in one of the tabloids which appeared a few years ago about Liam Gallagher's hair. The story was that Liam had cut his hair and everyone was surprised that it'd made him look like a t#at. There was this little piece which said that people get their hair cut because they feel angry. I remember thinking "ah, yes, that's why hippies had long hair, they weren't angry!".

This thought has remained in there ever since. It ties in with skinheads who are of course very angry. Well they used to be. That look has now been adopted by the gay community. In practice the reason angry fighty people have short hair is it's harder to grab hold of. I guess. That must explain bouncers and so forth. It's a practical decision. Nothing to do with their inner emotional state.

Still the grasp on my subconscious which this tiny little paragraph in the showbiz section of (I think) The Daily Mirror had is quite amazing. I took it on as a sort of truth. Never questioned it. Long hair - chilled relaxed people, short hair - angry uptight people. It's a prejudice.

I used to have really long hair. Silly long. I enjoyed that because it laid out my credentials straight away. I clearly wasn't one of these intellectually impotent "geezers" you bump into who like beers, birds and football. I was a bit odd. A bit stinky thinky. Fine. Bonus.

The problem was you've got to wash it all the time. It's a high maintenance look. Lot of hassle. Short hair also makes you appear less of a threat to f#ckwits. More people accept you with short hair. I've spend the last 8 or 9 months trying to tune into the communication channels that the mainstream use. Why b#gger that up with silly long hair? It ruins the disguise. So now I look like a thug. Ruined.

I hope a shower sorts it out a bit.



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