(Saturday) It wash a loon time a goof.

Why oh why oh why will it not f#cking rain? The weather clearly hates me. Sat in the park with some mates, the plan was to read comic books and then go for a beer. It drips slightly. It didn't want to rain. It just wanted to f#ck up my fun. That's all. So we all move off to the pub, don't read any comic books and then sit inside a hot pub. Hot because it did of course go all sunny almost straight away.

Ended up being a case of us sitting outside the pub. Where we were attacked by a wasp. One of my mates did the, ignore it and it'll go away, trick. He's sat there with a determined expression on his face as this horrible creature flys into it about 5 or 6 times, by which point it was, in my book, time to do one. Why stay? You're getting hassled by a creature which can sting you and make the rest of your day unfomfortable?

"Yahh. Ya big wuss. It's only a wasp! Lets stay out here."

Why? Never understood it! It's a horrible wasp. There will be more of them. It will eventually sting one of us. I'd love to be able to kill them by looking at them. This trick would only be a good thing. They make no contribution to anything. At least bees make honey. I honestly do not know of any useful purpose which these horrible things serve. They're evil bees. That's what they are. And I read once that they get drunk on nectar or something. More signs of immorality. Kill them. Kill them all!



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