Scaramooch Scaraboosh can you do the handy dango?

F#cknuts. Utter f#cknuts. I had an awesome migrane today. Really nasty. I'm on the tram and it's looking like rain when suddenly I can't see properly. Having had this happen to me before I knew what was going to happen. As I walked from the tram to my house I marveled at how odd it is to lose your vision like this. There was a patch of my sight on the right hand side which was totally empty. Couldn't see a thing. The rest of my perspective was fine.

As I got to my house it started to thunder and rain. Heaving it down. It also went dark. I lay on my bed with the light off and waited for the headache which always follows lack of vision. But it didn't really come. Indstead I half fell asleep. I had some pretty nasty semi-dreams and visions as I lay there then realised my arm on the right hand side had gone numb. Also the insides of my mouth felt really unfamilliar to me.

Then came the headache.

It was equal in strength to any I can ever remember feeling. As I lay there wondering if I was going to die I remembered that I should have taken a paracetamol at least. When I stood up I realised I'd been wallowing in self pity a bit and that my symptoms weren't as bad as I'd been telling myself. Sure I had a nasty migrane but my chances of survival looked pretty good.

The paracetamol seemed to clear it up a bit.

As did the change in the weather.




Leather Face said…
Amazing I had a mutha of migrain yesterday (saturday) too, must be some crazy government realeased virus!!! ;0)

The mutha hit me bad, I was driving my Taxi, taking all these corporate facists football fanatic idiots to Budweiser sponsored bar b ques or pubs;0) when this fucking headache hit me like a ton of lead. There I was with some England fans (they were wareing the St. George shit) when bang!!!! my head felt like shit and as I was taking this corner my vision went for a split second, then when it came back everything was at 90 degrees, obviously my foot hit the brakes - then I swerved over the road; good job they were empty, then my vision and senses returned but I couldn't stop shaking; yes my hands and arms were uncontrabbly shaking, my heart was banging out of my chest and I thought I was going to die - yet these fucking idiots never even realised how close to death they may have been!!! Am I proud? No! Do I feel better now yes - hell I felt great 30 mins after.

To be honest I think i'm allergic to ice-cream!

Ice-Cream!!! I hear you ask???

Well the near same symptoms have now happend 3 times following me eating ice cream - so I suppose it shows i'm a slow learner. I won't eat fucking ice cream again, thats for sure :0)
Nicholarse said…
I also had one on the Friday. Nasty things. It's The Lizards!

Leather Face said…
LOL yep the lizards are among us - I wonder if the Lizard King (Jim Morrison) knew more than he revealed before his death???

By the way have you ever seen "They Live" by John Carpenter? it's an amazing story concept that wasn't portrayed too good. It was made during John Carpenters decline following his transetion in to hollywood.

PS. Appologies for the bad language, I made the post not expecting it to register (so I was going to email you it.) The reason being i've posted a couple of replies the other day to one of your blogs and it wouldn't allow me to post. Instead I got the message that the post needed verifying by the blog owner. This seems to happen lots but the other times the post as gone through.

PPS. I worry too much I think :0)
Nicholarse said…
Every post on here goes throug ha filter - I read it first then tick a box to post it.

I've not rejected a post yet.

It's mainly to cut out the possibility of spam. My number 1 pet hate on blogs.

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