Scrabbling in the mind mud for clues?

Urrgh. I'm a little ashamed of myself. I was sat at my desk today after a pretty good meeting with my accountant when suddenly I burst into tears. I was listening to a mix tape and Bob Dylan Blues came on by Syd Barrett. It took me by surprise and whoosh out came the tears. Horrible. I'm still getting over the fact that one of my heroes is dead. I honestly always thought he'd make a comeback at some point. I feel so silly for crying over someone who I never met. I was sort of criticising myself as I cried.

"You didn't know him, he'd stopped making music over 30 years ago" went my internal monologue but my eyes and soul didn't care. Felt worse afterwards.

Obviously there's no way I can communicate this on my radio show. I'd love to do a mention about it or something but there's just no possible way. Particularly not at the moment.

Probably a good thing.

Today I will be going to weight watchers. Last time round I was told I'd lost 5.5 lbs which I was really pleased about. This time round I'm thinking it'd be nice to have kept that weight off but I think perhaps I'll have put a little on. Not sure. However, if I've even kept off half of it I'll get a pebble to put in my purse. It'll symbolise the fact I've lost a stone. I'm actually quite excited at the prospect. Let's hope I don't f#ck it up.

Oh dear. I'm in an odd headspace at the moment.

Here's some more Syd:

Direct link.


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