Something dies everyday (sunday)

I went to Blackpool with my girlfriend and family today. It's such an odd, tacky place. I enjoyed looking at the people more than the view. One woman was wandering round, covered in tattoos. She looked a real mess. I imagine she thinks she looks cool. Perhaps she does. Not to me though. There was a real mish mash of people there. It was at points quite surreal wading through them as the sea lapped up the litter strewn beach below.

My sister popped into one of those 'read your palm' booths. She was in there for about 5 minutes at the most. The palmist, according to my sister, recited what sounded like a standard script and then booted her out. I think it's fair to say my sister felt a little conned. I'd have thought if you were a palmist -who is obviously conning people- you'd try at least to seem as if you weren't. You don't want to appear like some cynical old woman who is literally taking the money and running do you? Well, is the Pope Catholic?

I went to Bella Italia while we were in Blackpool. I think I'll probably not have lost weight went I go to weight watchers this week. Still, I'm just basking in the glory of my little pebble I won at the last one! Having lost a whole stone at it there was a special cerimony where I got given a pebble to put in my purse. It's supposed to sit there and remind me forever how well I've done. That way when I do my Saturday big shop I'll not go mad.

Unfortunately I do not have a purse. It's in my pocket. Nor do I really do a saturday big shop. However, the extra round of applause will not be forgotten for some time to come.

I need to lose about another stone until I'm at my goal weight. That may be hard tomorrow as I'm off to open a sandwich shop where the owners are going to name a sandwich after me. Mental.



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