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One of my favourite musicians Syd Barrett is dead. I just got a couple of texts of my mates telling me. I am a fan of Syd's work and have been for all of my adult life. Like love letters from a friend his solo albums are intensely personal works which you wouldn't want to show too many people for fear of ridicule.

It's odd really as "Syd" Barrett actually ceased to exist many years ago. He left the business of show and shuffled off his nickname in favour of his real name Roger. A rabid fan of his work, reacting to the fact that he only put out a couple of albums I joined an obsessive email yahoo group a few years ago. They'd compiled something called "Have You Got It Yet" which was an extensive collection of outtakes and unheard Syd Barret clips. I never managed to get it off them as I had no idea how to work a computer properly back then.

However my experience showed me how obsessive some fans can be. While a member of this group I learned there was something called "the stalker video" which had been secretly filmed a few years ago. Morally questionable but inevitable.

The problem Syd Barrett fans have had for years is "an absence of Syd*". I've always secretly thought that he'd return to the scene, perhaps with his old band The Pink Floyd Sound. I even half thought he was going to walk onto the stage at Live 8. I'd have squealed like a girl.

There's loads of theories as to why Syd Barrett lost his mind. Pressures of fame, enough LSD to floor an elephant, genetics or his father's death.

Syd's death has been incorrectly reported before. However, the fast gathering number of reports on the internet suggest that's not the case today.

Apparently he died last week, on friday, of complications related to his diabetes.

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*Quote from a Syd Barrett fanzine which folded as early back as the early 70's.


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