Stupid drunken p#ick.

It's happening again. I'm getting hooked up on my hit counter [backlink]! I've been watching with dismay recently as its getting less hits than usual. I'm not catching as many search engine surfers as usual. These are the things which people have recently found this site with:

"I am proud of my sons" - someone in New York who used a Korean search engine landed here with this search.

"devo the chav meaty pies" - presumably someone excited about the forthcoming TV stuff which has nothing to do with me other than the fact I'm an early fan. I tried to get the maker of the website on to do an interview once. He never replied to my emails.

"devo e4 clip fatpie" - same as above.

""Pat Mills" REDEYE" - now this search should have, in theory, been productive. The searcher was based in New York and when they found my website which covers this subject in detail they spent a total of 0 seconds reading about it. Great.

"tony beasley + "cheeky monkey"" - it's actually Joe Beasley and cheeky monkey. These people have a lot to learn.

"biggest liar in the world compettiton" - I like the fact this search only throws up five pages in the whole world wide web.

"cuckold" - an obscure porn searchword. Why I put it in a title on this blog all those moons ago I can't remember but it's got me my fair share of sweating dissapointed one handed surfers.

Now, looking back over that list I've got to admit to being a little dissapointed. The last time [backlink] I compiled such a list it had much better stuff in it. This time round it feels a little like people are being boring in their ways of finding this site. I'm still proud of the fact that "thinker with a beard" still gets you straight to this site.

As long as that's always the case I won't be worried about the fact my hit-rate has declined to one third of what it was.

Not worried at all. Just means the whole thing is getting more culty. And that's a good thing.



I think this site is amusing[external link].


Leather Face said…
Thinker with a beard LoL :0)

I like to think of myself as thinker with a beer ;0)

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