Suddenly confronted with the stupidity of your situation.

I lost 2lbs at Weight Watchers. This makes no sense whatsoever. I've even been to Pizza Hut this week. Amazing. I did The Edge (Large & With Half Cheese). I think it's the half cheese bit wot dun it.

I also think it's this horrible fncking heat! I'm pissiug sweat. Absolutely covered in it. It's disgusting. Horrible. I hate heat. One of the reasons I don't go on holiday anywhere. That and my belief that it's a bit rude to rock up in someone's country without the faintest idea how to speak their language. Don't mind people coming to see me. Just not going to go see them. Busy. Got to sit and watch DVD's in my underpants all day, thinking about how horrible and hot it is. Big angry glum look on my face. Scowling at those dinkheads in those SUV's they drive spunking out loads of noxious fumes.

Fnck humanity. We deserve to boil up. There's supposed to be a car which runs entirely on water somewhere. This of course means it'd generate hardly any pollution. Some oil company owns the patent. Therefore it'll never be made? I don't care if it's true or not. It SOUNDS TRUE. That's the point. That's the fncking point. I BELIEVE IT COULD BE TRUE! Some fat tmat sat in his office somewhere:

"But if it runs on water, everyone'll be easily able to fill up their cars and they won't buy our oil. We can't let them have that"

"But sir, this global warming thing is fncking up the planet"

"I don't care about that. I just care about my profits. Screw them. Screw them all."

Or something like that.

Besides, where the fnck was all this rain and stuff we were promised? Sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. Why is feeling hot and getting burned just for standing outside a good thing? I like water. I'm 80% water. I'm going to go with the majority.

I'm all hot and bothered today. Can you tell?



Leather Face said…
I heard about this car that ran on water when I was a kid but if it was true I recon we'd be using it now. OK so oil companies won't be selling as much oil and there'd be less trouble in the middles east and russia wouldn't have such a hold over us but, but, but they'd make money from us with taxes!!!

I'm under the assumption that oil companies bosses don't wish to commit suicide with global warming - so in reality they don't have this technology, also if this technology was real then it could screw us because it could put so much water vapours in the atmosphere the world could become a swap!!!

Peak Oil is real and it's happening - we're lucky we've witnessed the greatest advancements of any society and we're going to witness the biggest decline too!

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