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Here is a word for word quote from my private diary which I've been keeping for years:

We go to the press showing of Superman. It’s an awesome film. I’m moved to tears as I watch it. It reminds me of my happy childhood and a simpler world of good and evil. Things like this are the crack cocaine of simplistic fun but unlike the common street drug there’s no obviously damaging consequences. Just a strange sense that although what you’re doing doesn’t actually harm anyone it is in some way morally questionable.

I can honestly say that film was one of the best things that has happened to me all year. It carries on from where the second film left off and takes the story in new and interesting directions. The casting is pixel perfect with only Lois Lane being a little different to the original. The bloke who plays Superman is a note perfect rendition of Christoper Reeve(s?)*. The whole film is stylishly made and has nice neat little touches, like Superman's sonic boom as he flies through the sky. Great stuff.

In fact here's a good point to make the point I failed to make when describing what it was like to watch War Of The Worlds. The film uses a clever conciet, in that Superman has been away for 5 years trying to find his home planet. This works well in that it tacitly implies that he simply wasn't here when the twin towers fell. They never reference this event obviously but I felt its presence in the work. One of the problems Superman deals with is an aeroplane. He even gives an intentionally amusing speech (lifted from the old films I think) about how safe flying is.

The beauty of this narrative device is that it forced me, as I was watching the film unfold, to think about what I'd been through in my life since I last believed in Superman. Collectively this caused happy tears as I gazed in awe. As I've said before this is totally impractical. You can't follow the story with saltwater blurring your vision. Infuriating. It also makes you self conscious. You're afraid of committing yourself too much to the story in case you cry like a girl.

I thought I'd grown out of the idea of Superman. That wasn't the case. What actually happened is I watched Superman 3 and 4 and concluded that the films were for kids. Nowadays I can just see they were bad films. That's why George Lucas's whining that the first Star Wars Prequel "is a kid's film" doesn't stand up. Good family entertainment is enjoyable for the whole family. not just the thick sprogs who seem to think it's okay to talk through the film anyway.

In short I loved this film and I will be annoyed if others do not.


*Now I'm confused. Is it Reeve or Reeves? The proper thing to do would be to check but I'm sort of rushing this entry. One of the blogs I regularly read is by Richard Herring, the ex-comedy partner of Stewart Lee, the bloke who's material I was yesterday accused of stealing. Richard Herring has an amusing in joke with his readers where he adds an "s" to the names of famous people. So Blair becomes Blairs. And so on. Notice how here my tardyness is used as an excuse for stealing more material off the TV duo! Look how long this paragraph has taken to write as well. Easily time to google Reeve(s?).


Yesman said…
Sorry old fruit - I obviously missed something I saw the film and was appalled at how bad it was – the only bit I enjoyed was the title music. Every time Lois came on the screen with that kid she made me cringe and as for Lex - well starting the film with him stealing from an old lady couldn't have been a better pretext - I've seen more devious criminals being carted away after shoplifting at Netto. Come on, he has access to an awesome technology and all he can do is build himself an island - rubbish!
Nicholarse said…
I will pretend that I cannot read that comment.

You're clearly insane.

It was a genius film.


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