This is about time.

My blog obsession is getting out of control. I've just driven to Linda's Sandwich Bar in Mexborough for my first P.A.* in about 4 years. I did it for two reasons; firstly I'd been told they'd name a sandwich after me if I did and secondly I thought it'd make a good blog entry. Now the first bit's fine, that's just blatant egomania. I can cope with that. The Nick At Night Special, is indeed very special, and it's available on Main St Mexborough at a very reasonable price. Like I said, I can deal with egomainia. It's no new thing. It's the fact that I'm letting my blog actually decide things for me. I'm doing things precisely because it might make for a good entry.

I remember reading Richard Herring's blog and he was complaining about the same thing. I think the problem with being a daily blogger is that you start to notice how dull your life is so you end up filling it a bit. In my case you end up posing for pictures infront of a small crowd of people cutting a ribbon to a sandwich bar. With a grin. Thinking - I'll be able to write about this in my blog.

I ate the sandwich which has been named after me. It was very nice but I think it'll have been high in points. I made it my breakfast and lunch combined.

I love the fact that Ginger Dave got so jealous of the fact I had a sandwich named after me that he started ringing up other shops to ask if they'd name one of their's a Dave Henning Special. In the end I think he found someone willing to go along with it so in a way he beat me to it. I think I'll have to try and open a Supermarket next. The sandwich shop was fun. If you're organising a supermarket opening ceremony and you want my services I'll just mention to you now that I want a product named after me. Perhaps a jar of pickle?


*Yeah, P.A. that's the one. If you're not a swanky presenter type like me you'll not know what a P.A. is. It's swanky presenter type language for Personal Appearance. I heard one of the other DJ's using it once. Aren't I great? Actually. No, no I'm not. Ruined.


Foundation said…
Yup, blogging gets obsessive. Hard to let go - a true addiction.

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