This is what happens when who have an i-ratty lifestyle.

Tonight was the leaving party for my flatmate Captain Wootang. It was a good send off. I went 10 points exactly over my weight watcher's allowance. I remember really clearly saying to my girlfriend;

Me: "Right, that's it now. I've done my limit. No more beer for me. I'm tiddly enough. That's it."

Girlfriend: "Ahh, that's good baby. I'll stop drinking now as well to support you"

Mate of mine: "Nick mate, I'm off to the bar, fancy a pint."

Nick: "Yeah man, go on then."

Bloody rubbish! Still there we are. I'll just have to try and be a good boy tomorrow. It'll be difficult though, got three mates coming up.

The night itself was fun. We gave my flatmate the present we got him. A Watchmen graphic novel. One of Alan Moore's finest works. Be interesting to see if he reads it. I was going to lend him it but as he was chipping off down south it didn't seem like a wise move. I was quite jealous of it actually. Much nicer than my ragged old copy.

I take months to respond to anything emotionally. As a consequence my goodbyes to him were a bit stilted. In a few months from now I'll realise there's no more Wootus there in the gaff. That'll be a f#cked up moment.

However, the lucky thing is that we don't have to move out of the flat just yet. The company he works for is paying to retain his place there for a year just in case his new job doesn't work out. What a nice bunch they are!

I feel a little odd writing this. Like I say, the fact he's left will take time to hit me. At the moment it doesn't seem real. I've lived with him for a long time. A long time.

Not in a gay way.

I am not a gay.



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