You must just not be good enough? Right?

No matter how sophisticated comedy gets things like this will always be funny:

If it doesn't work the direct link is here.

I've always found farts funny. No matter how sophisticated the world of comedy becomes it will always have to acknowledge farts and the special place they have within it. As a kid I remember sitting in a resteraunt with my sister and punctuating a sentence with a particularly loud one. It silenced the whole room. Me and my sister giggled away like the kids we were.

The day you stop finding farts funny is the day you kill your inner child. And I'm not a fan of killing kids.*

I've tried to analyse what exactly it is about farts that makes me laugh so much. I think it's the fact that on some level they remind us of our absurd humanity. The very idea that an authority figure has to suffer the indignity of farting loudly is a beautiful twist to life. For example, if Jesus existed and he really was human, he had to break wind. What exactly would one of Jesus's farts sound like? What would it smell of? Would people really praise it?

Humans fart. They fart and it reveals their stinky innards. How can you not find that funny? Think of someone, anyone, and know that they fart. That's a great thought. Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory suffered from terminal flatulence. A meticulous note taker he recorded the times and severity of the blasts. Some say it drove him to the very brink of insanity.

The noise of a fart works on a visceral level. It works on a comedic level. It's a sheer beauty. But they still have the capacity to annoy me. If someone drops one and it's particularly smelly! Arrgh!


*A direct quote from my first "hilarious" stand-up set. Now defunct. It was too "hilarious". I had to stop doing it. Doing a different routine now. Less funny but at least people are getting out alive.


Yesman said…
Your google video link isn't complete!
Nicholarse said…
Well spotted! Fixed it now.


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