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Sting the wild leaves old grey, they don't believe in you anyway.

(Monday) Clicking jaw in the morning, should really og to the dentists

Yep, it's fair to say that I've been behind my behind for some time.

Do you see what I see? (Sunday)

(Saturday) If you could tell the time what would you tell it?

Seek meaning and you will get confusion, look into confusion and you will get meaning.

Time flys when you're in a coma (Thursday)

Slip inside this church of the mind... tell your friends... convert the world.... (Wednesday)

What is the atomic size of your thoughts? Do they exist in the physical universe?

Captain of industry will smile on me soon... see the smile, imagine the moon.

I guess I should push the button.

(Saturday) He humoured me but clearly has other plans.

(Friday) Made me shoot so hard I pulled a muscle in my neck.

Collection of fetid wordplay

Like a flower wilting for no apparent reason.

Sometimes the title alone tells you it's a humdinger... "Nutty Professor II... Meet The Clumps", "Snakes on a plane?".

There's something wrong with this world.

The beautiful and yet strange snake of fate twists before your eyes in directions you can now easily predict thanks to its tail.

(Saturday) A slightly tiddly version of chess

Sure enough he was a violent psychopath but in a way his death has made him seem almost friendly.

Going to cut my points down from 31 to 30. Perhaps that'll speed things up a bit.

Just imagine that all those times you thought that someone was joking, they were actually serious. That's got to be true in some instances.

To give someone something you must be prepared to lose out to them. To take from someone is worse.

People tell stories, not politicians. Politicians tell tales.

(Sunday) The tragedy gun takes one down

The trip hat seems to be working again (Saturday)

The world slowly folds as we watch fairy lights in the coming darkness. Where has your soul gone? Is it really on the back of a ten pund note?

The nut is about to crack?

Like most local radio disk jockeys he was giddy and had a fascination for trivia.

The lowest month of them all... what did you do wrong?