The beautiful and yet strange snake of fate twists before your eyes in directions you can now easily predict thanks to its tail.

Yesterday I spent a nice weekend round at my friend James Piekos's house. He and his lovely partner Claire were kind enough to let us stay over and enjoy a night of classic wine and chat and then a day of wandering round Bridlington where we went to an old fashioned penny arcade. It had a genius pre-1960's pinball machine. I'm a big fan of pinball machines* and the action on this one was amazing. The ball just glided smoothly along the play surface. 5 balls per coin as well. Much higher than you'd get nowadays. As I left I signed the little guestbook and congratulated them on a fine collection of pinball machines. I also noted to myself that had I been born in a different era I'd still have the same sort of issues I have in this decade, I'd just be hooked on a different kind of machine.

It'd be interesting to have a time machine and go back and look at the old world we've left behind. Finally conclude whether or not it was better or worse than the one we find ourselves in today. Although I'm able to get misty eyed over a golden version of the past it's hard to maintain with any real conviction that things were better back then. Things like the internet and mobile phones are unquestionably useful.

The last time I mused to myself about this I landed on the idea that podcasts are a good new thing. There's little doubt about that. I'm hooked on them. It was through one that I learned about the amazing spectacle that is R. Kelly's Trapped in The Closet. What's that Nick? It's a 12 part R&B opera! Possibly the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Now I'm not a fan of R.Kelly particularly but as of this weekend he's been elevated to the level of genius. Initially I appreciated this seminal work on an ironic level but as of this weekend having watched the full thing (under the influence of a few beers) I've come to realise how genuinely great it is. Spend 40 minutes on You Tube getting up to speed with it. Here's a little taster:

Direct link.

We all watched it round at James's in full. It blew us away. Towards the end I realised I was enjoying it sincerely rather than, "ha ha" ain't that silly.

Despite all this frivolity I think I managed to stick to weight watchers quite well this weekend. Nail the weekend and the week usually takes care of itself.


*Fortunately I've got over my problem thanks to the one in my local being broken.


Dan said…
How strange! My sister reminded me of this R Kelly thing earlier today, I wasn't aware there was a video - I'd only heard the song after hearing a parody weird al did. She gave me the link and I sat and watched it earlier, now here I see you blogged about it ages ago and it must be one of the few I missed reading, shocking!
Would this come under synchronicity again :)?
Nicholarse said…
I don't think so ... as the two events aren't really synchronised. I'm not sure though. I will be meeting up with a bloke who was very into synchronicity soon. Intend to dig his brain.

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