Captain of industry will smile on me soon... see the smile, imagine the moon.

Today I recorded more of the as yet unreleased podcast which I'm going to be doing for Hallam FM. It's going to be a "blogcast" and will involve me reading the better entries of the week from this 'ere blog wot u r readin'*. I've recorded three of them now, we're going to put out two of them. They will be on the Hallam FM website at some point. I think they'll be pleasant listening for anyone who enjoys having silly podcasts updated onto their itunes thing. I'm getting a little nervous about it. I don't want there to be too much pressure on it and releasing it through the Hallam FM site initially made me worried. However I think everyone understands that it's a trial thing. If it works out and feels right, cool. If not, no worries. "No one died"**.

It's strange to be recording something which may ultimately only ever be listened to by about 10 people. We're not going to push it much on air just allow people to find it for themselves. In the future it's possible that we'll get bigger ambitions for it and start doing crazy things like interviewing guests and stuff. Time will tell.

I must admit that more than anything else I'm doing this podcast thing because I think they're cool. I've subscribed to almost everything I can find in the world. I'm now narrowing them down as I go. I had some godawful Edgar Allen Poe podcast thing on recently, it was taking up hours of room. Last night I listened to it and deleted the whole thing when I noticed it was rubbish. If you know of any good podcasts to which I should subscribe please pop something in the comments section.

I'll post a note on here when the Hallam site starts hosting the "blogcast".


*Text speak. Fkin awfl innit?

**To be said in the manner of Steve Coogna's pool attendant in the classic Day Today episode.


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