Collection of fetid wordplay

My entry today was going to be about the various search words which have directed people to this site. I've done entries like that before. However there has been an odd run on this site recently which has pushed all my search engine data into total confusion. I've had around 100 people who have logged on with searches like these:

"scaramooch definition"
"scaramooch, definition"
"What does scaramooch mean?"
"definition of scaramooch"

And so on.

The page which they've all landed on is this one. About 100 in total.

Where's that come from? It started quite suddenly at 2am in the morning, with all of the searchers coming from America. Why the sudden interest in such an obscure lyric? I've looked through the news on the internet and am non-the-wiser. How odd.

In my searching round the internet for news of this odd "scaramooch" rush I've also found a very interesting news story concerning AOL and search engines. This is genius. The company has published the search histories of 650,000 users. Every search word they've ever put into the internet exposed to the world. It's okay though, they didn't publish anyone's names, just user numbers. Unfortunately (and predictably) it wasn't long until people were being identified by their search words - the classic 'googling your own name syndrome' being the ID tag of most. It has ruined many people's lives and made minor celebrities of others. AOL quickly removed the information once they realised the extent of their blunder*. It just goes to show, you ain't alone on the internet. Watch what you type into that search engine when you stumble home p#ssed.

What I love about it though is this was clearly a bad idea from the start yet someone high up must have said it was okay. In accordance with The Principa Discordia** it has been allowed to happen though. All capitalist structures must rise and fall because of this principle; "True communication is only possible between equals,because inferiors are more consistently rewarded for telling their superiors pleasant lies than for telling the truth". No matter where you work you will see this truth at work. Someone somewhere will have thought, "publish people's search histories, that's not a good idea". After thinking that they will have said, "yes boss, right away, what a great idea".


*There is a mirror site here but it involves downloading the information. Some of it makes for very depressing reading.

**I am a religious man, Discordianism is my religion and details of it are posted in the sidebar.


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