(Friday) Made me shoot so hard I pulled a muscle in my neck.

My girlfriend lives near a cinema. This weekend we watched two films, here are my reviews of them both.

Firstly we saw "A Scanner Darkly". Based on a book by the writer Philip K Dick this film uses the strange painting over film effect which was used in the classic Waking Life[backlink to blog entry about that film]. This time the druggie element which was tacitly alluded to there is fully tackled. It's a great film. Needs to be seen on the cinema to be fully enjoyed. There's a great cameo by Alex Jones[backlink to recent entry about him] which I enjoyed enormously.

My only vague hang-up about the film would be that I'm just not sure that Keanu Reeves quite nails the role. I'm not a big one for identifying actors as being good or bad but recently I've started to notice what people mean when they talk about wooden acting. Keanu here is a bit wooden in my opinion. I think a more acomplished actor could have taken this film a bit further. Still, it's a gudden. Go see!

On Sunday* watched "Nacho Libre" with Jack Black in it. It's set in Mexico and is about wrestlers. There's big problems with this film but if you watch it as a diversion and nothing more it's not totally awful. Firstly on the positive Jack Black's given free reign to be funny and silly. He jumps about and has loads of engery and his face seems able to pull any expression in the world. Also when he sings he's ace. And, I like the fact he wears his belly with such pride. Being a fatty myself I admire the way he holds his massive bloater stomach. He cuts a cool figure.

On the annoying side, his and most of the rest of the cast's accents slip frequently and there's nothing particularly ball breakingly funny on display in this film. It just survives on the amusing premise of a Friar who lives in Mexico who is a wrestler. And he fancies a Nun. Hilarious**.


*This buggers up the chronology of the blog a bit doesn't it? I spent a while agonising about whether or not I should include this review in with the other one. Then I realised that if I did, no one would really give a f#ck.



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