Going to cut my points down from 31 to 30. Perhaps that'll speed things up a bit.

So as I was driving back from the 24-hour Tescos last night munching on some French Fries* and an age old question struck me, is blue really the right colour for crisps that are cheese and onion flavour? The answer is of course no. No it is not. Green should be, and used to be, the correct colour. I think Walkers have always had Blue as their colour for cheese flavour but I'm not sure. I know there was another company which had green as their colour. I seem to think Walkers used to have green as their colour? It's confused me. I'm now confused. I'll have to re-write this whole paragraph I'm so confused. All the colours are wrong as well.

The thing is, there's a sort of logic to the idea of green and cheese. The moon is made of green cheese right? Is that right? Did I imagine that? I seem to remember it off some old story I used to listen to as a kid. Waldorf's big adventure! There was a bloke who went to the moon, because it was made of green cheese. Or actually, no it was a mouse. And stuff. And he went and it wasn't green cheese after all. But my point still remains. Green is the correct colour.

It makes a difference to the taste of the crisps. Cheese and onion out of a blue packet just do not taste as nice. Obviously that's psychological but, f#ck it. So is life. It's like smarties and M&M's, the different colours don't actually taste different but because they look different you think they do**, are***.

I saw that new Smarties adverttoday. They were holding up smarties and going "green doesn't" and "orange doesn't". The point was that none of these smarties had artificial colours in them. Does that mean they used to? Furthermore I was worried by the fact they didn't mention the red ones. As a kid I was told they were the ones that gave you cancer by some of the other kids. I'd just laugh and go "ha ha, how silly, smarties have the answer, they do not give you cancer". Guzzling them down laughing I'd have a tiny part of my brain going "what if those red ones do give you cancer?". Now that advert fails to dispel the myth. Ruined.


*Yeah, French Fries, the rumours are true, they're 1.5 points on weight watchers! How great is that? Very great that's how.

**Surely this should say "I" think they do. Not "you". "You" may never have thought they do. Ahem, there's a good backlink for that here.

***What's happened to my sentence construction? Three "different"s in one sentence. Oh, dear. I need to sort this blog out. I had a meeting today where I finalised the idea of turning it into a "blogcast" on the Hallam FM website. Going to read out a couple of entries every week for people who can't read. Sorry, can't be bothered to read. It's good as I've been wanting to do some sort of web thing for a while.


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