Just imagine that all those times you thought that someone was joking, they were actually serious. That's got to be true in some instances.

Only yesterday I strolled around town with no clothes on, only a pillow to cover my winky. I remember thinking it was quite funny how no one noticed this sort of thing nowadays. Then again, there's nothing wrong with not having any clothes on. How odd that society used to view it as a bad thing. I'll just pop in this shop and buy some cigarrettes.

"Yeh, a packet of Marlborough lights please".

"Are you alright sir?"

"Oh, I've just realised, ha ha, how silly of me. I don't have any money. I'm not wearing any clothes, so... no pockets! Silly me."

"If you don't leave here right now, I'm calling the police you pervert."

Oh my god! I'm not wearing any clothes! Everyone's outraged. Look at them! I'd best make a run for it. Sh#tbags!

Now I'm running up a hill as an army of people chase me shouting names at me. This is a living nightmare; "I'm not a pervert. I just forgot to put my clothes on!"

How the hell could I not notice this was a dream? My lucid dreaming abilities are at an absolute rock bottom. I'm unable to spot a dream in the usual way. Even when all the obvious dream signs are aronud me I still don't click! It's infuriating. As I ran up the hill I remember thinking, "this must be a dream, let me check my hands... nope, I can see them, it's real!".

It's such a classic scenario. There were obvious other signs, people I always see in dreams and so forth. Yet still I didn't twig.

Later today I will be going to weight watchers. I'm hoping to have lost weight this time as I've been very well behaved this week. If I put on 3 stone again I'll know it's a dream. That's happened twice in the past few weeks and each time I didn't click it was a dream. I will today though. Oh yes! Then my plan will start to come to fruition!



Yesman said…
Infuriating to extreme - I've been trying all week. This morning I lay in bed an extra 2 hours and still failed. I either woke as soon as I realised I was dreaming or they were so mundane (real) that I didn't twig - rubbish.
Smithy said…
Jesus dude, that's a bit worrying is it not?

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