Like a flower wilting for no apparent reason.

I'm spending a lot of time with my mate Daryl Denham at the moment. We're going to weight watchers together, writing this faux documentary and getting drunk and swearing at the world a lot. It's great fun. Both of us a#sed up our diets this week - yet - both of us lost weight. He lost more than me though, something which feels a little unfair as he went to Pizza Hut. However I managed to lose weight one week despite hitting The Hut so it's swings and see saws.

I really need to get on the gym again though. I've started getting into bad Weight Watcher's habits. One of these habits is to fall into the 'Wednesday doesn't count' ethic. The way weight watchers works is you can save points* from one day to the next, and/or if you go over your day's point's total you can make up for it the next day. However at the end of each week there's a cut off point for this. Ours is Wednesday. So theoretically you can stuff your face Wednesday and start over on Thursday.

Now, I've always had very little sympathy for people who did this. "Ha - why do you think you're not losing weight?" my internal monologue would go. Well, me and Daryl were eating like Kings on Wednesday.

"Doesn't count 'til tomorrow does it?" my internal monologue wittered.

I must say I'm a little annoyed that my internal monologue not only contradicts itself a lot but also is never really held to account for any of the bad or innacurate advice and information it provides me with. Various bits of advice which have frankly been stupid such as:

"Why not just pop out for a cheeky half pint, then do your work after..."

"She'll find this really funny..."

"Just be honest, honesty's always the best policy..."

"These aren't really kicking in, lets do a couple more..."



*Calories and saturated fat combined.


Leather Face said…
Must admit Daryl Denham is the best DJ at Hallam - yep he's even better than you Nick ;0)

I find Darryl Denham's humour very funny and was a bit disapointed when he first left Hallam FM and then surprised when he returned. I've always found Big John as a poor man's Darryl Denham who's humour seems forced rather than natural. Oh well that's my oppinion but aye who cares!!!

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