Like most local radio disk jockeys he was giddy and had a fascination for trivia.

So, currently I'm gearing up towards Sunday when I will be doing not one but two radio shows. At 3pm I will be covering a show on Kerrang Radio. I'm quite excited about it. It's the first show I've done outside of Hallam FM for literally years. That's quite an odd feeling. Most local radio disk jockeys flit from station to station, year to year. I've actually been at Hallam FM for 6 years now and in that time I've not done any shifts anywhere else. Prior to that I moved at least once every year.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. There's absolutely no plans to move full time. It's just exciting to be asked to try something a little different. Kerrang Radio is a rock station. Anyone who has listened to my show for any length of time on Hallam FM will know I'm a fan of rock music and have been for years. It'll be cool to get to play a few tunes on Kerrang which you couldn't really do on Hallam FM.

Above and beyond anything else though, I will be a little nervous. That's the strange thing about my job. You'd probably not really think if you listened to a radio DJ that they might be nervous. I've never had that thought when I listen to someone else on the radio. If they c#ck things up I just presume it's 'coz they're a t#at. Nothing more. Never occurs they might just be nervous.

Even Big John gets the nerves a bit when he's on air. His leg bounces up and down when he's talking. He's one of the best in the business but still the nerves are there! I find that strange.

I remember when I did my trial show for Hallam FM. It was Saturday breakfast. I actually burst into tears I was so worried about it all. The bloke in the studio next door came to sort it out for me. I imagine my boss didn't hear that show. Maybe he did. Perhaps he thought I was being "creative"?



Leather Face said…
I'm probably naive "but" if the radio stations you work for are pre-programmed with playlists created from public surveys, then how the hell can you be nervous about the show???

Of course I understand all new jobs are scary. And if presenting a new show is anywere near as intimidating as imagining what my next fare maybe like then I understand your reservations!!!

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