The lowest month of them all... what did you do wrong?

I really need to get a life. I've just spent about £10 on a pinball machine. I started off really well netting my personal best score of 112 million! As I played the game I tried to apply more skill and cunning. Really going for proper targeted shots as opposed to just trying to stop the ball from falling off the board. It was only off my second coin and I was in shock afterwards -

"112,ooo,ooo? bloody hell lads, look at that...?"

"Good goin' mate, 112,000,000".


Then things started to go wrong. Sadly it was this initial success which laid the seeds of my downfall. Knowing it was unlikely I attempted to recapture the magic with another coin. I consistently failed to get anything over 50,000,000 points as my stack of nuggets decreased rapidly. My usual score being around 7,000,000. Infuriating. It was a spiral of decline. I kept hammering in those coins, trying different tactics and getting more and more annoyed by the thing. It actually started to make me depressed.

I kept looking at it and thinking things like;

"ha, it's a bit like my life. Start off well and then b#gger everything up. If only I could win here. Then maybe it'll transfer into success in other areas".

The problem with a game like pinball is if you start distracting yourself with irrelevant thoughts like that your game soon suffers. This makes you worse.

"Pah - once again I've proved what an idiot I am. God I'm a fool. Unless, just one more game..."

Thank god I wasn't drinking. Then after a short break a couple of the chaps joined me for a game. This compounded my annoyance. Why? Because they both got higher scores in the rounds we played. 60,000,000 and 59,000,000 respectively. It didn't top my initial successes but they were a distant memory. My game had deteriorated so much that I now looked like an amature. Not the bloke who'd just spunked £10 into the thing!

I'd spent about an hour practicing and then I got ruthlessly f#cked by two people who rarely play the thing! Arrgh!!!

They had an advantage though. They were drinking! It's been proved as a solid fact that 2 beers make you better at pinball. They shut down the self doubt. Calm the voices.

God I'm such a loser.

Well, actually, I'm not. I got 112,000,000. I'm the best.



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