(Monday) Clicking jaw in the morning, should really og to the dentists

I've bought a great book called "England - The Autobiography". It's a written history of England starting with the first ever recorded written reference to the country in the journal of Julius Cesar. It goes all the way through to people's blog entries about 7/7. I'm enjoying it. It's a good read so far. I'm up to the Magna Carta.

This book follows closely on the heels of the last book I read, "Louis Theroux - Call of The Weird". Another good read, although I'm not sure how someone who came blind to it would feel about it. It's almost a companion to the TV series he did called Weird Weekends. I enjoyed that programme a lot and bought them on DVD so all the references he makes to it were easy for me to grasp.

Prior to that me and the lady bought Simon Munnery's "How to live" book which is a collection of little quotes and witticisms. It's only short but is one of those things which can level out your mood when you read it. My Mum though took a quick glance at it and said "oh, is it one of those vanity publications?". Genius. I can't think of a funnier thing to say when someone shows you their new book that they've bought.

It was signed as well.



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