People tell stories, not politicians. Politicians tell tales.

Today I've had a pretty productive day. I spent most of it writing some stuff, me and Daryl Denham are working on a project at the moment which I've been re-writing a bit. It's very exciting and could be really great once it's finished. Aside from that I wrote a letter to my sister. I'm a fan of the idea of letters. They seem so impractical compared to email that it's hard not to like them. Besides there's a level of fun in getting a handwritten letter in your mail. It's sort of exciting. Like a less showbiz version of Xmas. Brilliant.

After this I spent a bit of time watching the hugely embarrasing Ricky Gervais V Grant Bovey boxing match. I honestly can't believe that happened. It's easily the most cringeworthy thing I've ever seen. The people who are training Ricky Gervais are classic "hardmen" who spout a load of tough guy cliches at him. You can actually see written in the lines of his pudgy face: "why the hell did I agree to this?". Insane, deeply awful televison. The fact it was done for charity is no excuse. Want to see it? Here [external link].

After watching it I felt a little like I didn't actually want to go to the gym. The reason being that I hate the idea of me being in any way macho. Contributing to everything bad about men. By going to the gym surely I was becoming part of that culture? Slightly. "You just don't want to go to the gym you lazy git". Erm, well...

As I hammered the treadmill I watched a rather silly programme on Channel 4 called What Muslims Want*, or something. Granted I didn't see the end of it but I did feel a little like it was a bit of a silly programme. Right at the start poor old Jon Snow tried to hype up the fact that most of the young male Muslims he spoke to didn't think that the 9/11 story added up. F#ck me! Join the club. I ain't Muslim, I think the official line is b#llocks as well.

If you baulk at that thought, watch Loose Change, it's in my sidebar and then chew it over a bit.

It's not a perfect film but it's very good.

The whole programme managed to annoy me slightly. I wasn't outraged, just irritated. Not in the way they wanted me to be either. At a guess I'd say the makers of that programme wanted to spark a debate along the lines of: "ooh, isn't it bad how different we all are". What actually happened is I got annoyed at how badly cut the programme was. One thing which rankled was them harping on about how British people believe that there are no limits on free speech and then criticising Muslims for thinking there should be. What nonsense.

Everyone feels there are limits to free speech. If you don't agree, you haven't considered the issue.

Finally, we do not have free speech in this country. We never have.

See, I'm irritated.




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