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(Saturday) He humoured me but clearly has other plans.

On saturday me and my girlfriend went for a night out with a mate of mine whom I've spoken of before. When we got back to his house, although the offer of a bed was there, we got a taxi back and fell into a deep sleep. I'd drank a weird coffee syle alcoholic drink while round at his house, I'm not sure if that had any effect on what I'm about to relate.

So, I'm sat round a camp fire talking to a mate of mine who I haven't seen for years. I only ever see him when I'm dreaming. He's become a dream indicator for me. This triggers a reality check and I suss I'm dreaming. No, rephrase that. I am now (for the second time in recent memory) Lucid Dreaming. I test this by making the person I'm talking to fall into fits of laughter. Like a puppet they do so. I then imagine they're angry and at once they are. If I stop concentrating on changing my environment it slips back into the routines that it would follow in the real world. I can't explain how amazing it is. You really need to try and do it.

Anyway I decide that this time I'm going to have fun. Probably still a bit drunk from the night's excess I immediately do all of the things you would do if you had unlimited power. Some of these things, in the cold light of day, are a bit embarrasing. Still if you had the chance to have a harem of women and a girlfriend who didn't mind, what would you do? Actually, I can answer that question. You'd make your third leg equal to the trunk of a baby elephant. That's what you'd do. I imagine(d)*.

The whole bizarre experience is hard to structure into a cohesive narrative. I spent (at a guess) around 4 hours flitting round my dream investigating various environments and talking to different people. I managed to get the hang of stopping time. Flying. Mind control. The whole works. It was insane.

I interrogated one of the people in my dream like so:

"You're a character in my dream, this is all an extension of me"

"But I'm real. I have feelings."

"You can't have. I invented you. I can make you angry;"


"Or make you happy;"

"This is silly (giggles)"

"I can do what I like to you. You're nothing."

Here they started crying. I couldn't take it seriously but now I'm awake it's a bit of a haunting memory. Was I willing them to cry? It didn't seem like it. As I said earlier, the universe I was in ran itself but if I brought my mind to focus on it I could change it. If I then left it it would run as the real world does. This character was crying because it had had its mind bent to my will. I think. Odd.

The whole thing was absolutely weird. It's made me look forward to going to sleep again. It's had me tripping about it all day. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.


*Ahem. I'm in places a little ashamed of how excited I got once I realised I was The God of this Universe I'd found myself in. I'd just had some fun with my girlfriend and I think that was perhaps what caused me to get carried away.

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