(Saturday) If you could tell the time what would you tell it?

We stumble out of bed at around 1pm and wander round Edneeburgh. I'm still adjusting to how great this place is. As we're exploring we see a pub with a poster outside it with a picture of my old mate Rob Deb[external link]. He was part of the free fringe festival. We went in to see him do his show. He was great. There was a nice gaggle of people all watching him and loving his stuff. It was great to see as I knew him when he was just starting out and although he had some good material at the time his standard was nowhere near as high. This time he was like a proper comedian. Actually, he was a proper comedian.

We hooked up with him for a drink afterwards and it amazed me to note that in all the years since I saw him he hasn't changed at all! This is quite unusual but at the same time almost life affirming. I often worry that I'm getting old and detatched from the person who I used to be. Change isn't something I'm naturally comfortable with. There's nothing worse than hooking up with an old mate and then realising you have nothing in common with them anymore.

As we left we arranged to meet up later and then headed off to see Simon Munnery [external link, wikipedia]'s "AGM"* show. Of all the things I saw this was by far my favourite. Firstly he did a stand-up show during which he invited people to stick bits of paper with questions into a tub he had on the stage. Once finished he arranged to meet up with anyone in the audience who wanted to follow him off round Edingburugh which me and my girlfriend and about 30 other people did.

Then he sent his mate off to buy some beers and carried on with his show. Reading out the questions and chatting. It was great fun. We even argued with a stupid tramp who was banging on about immigrants. I can clearly picture watching him chatting to people as everyone else looked a little bemused in the sun in a little clearing in Edinburgher.

That's what comedy is all about.

Tripping out and being silly.

This is easily one of the best holidays I've ever had.

Better, even, than Glastobury!


*AGM stands for Annual General Meeting.


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