(Saturday) A slightly tiddly version of chess

Aargh! I hate 'A' roads. What's the f#cking deal with people who overtake on them? It's the single most dangerous thing I can think of that you can do, yet people can't resist. There's always one wa#ker, usually in an SUV* trying to hop their way up the queue of traffic. Now if you screw that up you've got a combined impact speed. Two cars 60mph. That's like flying into a wall at 120mph. You're not going to come out of that well. Not in the slightest. But, it's not that you're going to get injured. That's not what annoys me. It's the fact you're bringing someone else into it. Dragging some poor family in a usually less crash safe** car into your stupid ego games.

I'm pretty sure if I witnessed such a crash I'd pull out the driver of the SUV and make sure that by the time the ambulance arrived he was as damaged as the person he's hit. It's only fair.

Where's this rant come from Nick? I drove to Bridlington this weekend. Sheffield to Bridlington has a good half of the journey taking place on an 'A' road. There he was, Captain C#nt, skipping up the line of traffic in his SUV. There was even a no-overtaking sign on parts of the road. You'd think that might put him off. No, he and his fat family contunued to skip recklessly up the line.

This time though, justice was strangely served. He sat at the front of the queue at the lights and the strangest thing happened. A meteorite smacked into the driver's seat and killed the fat t#at. It's the darndest thing! Amazing how sometimes life can be so neat!***


*Yeah. SU f#cking V's I hate them. If you drive one the chances are you're a complete c#nt. In fact it's almost a dead cert. Pumping out fumes, these things look like tanks and instantly make me dislike the drivers inside. Pampered t#ats. That's what these people are. They should be made illegal simply on the grounds that those who drive them are d#ckheads.

**Another reason to hate these c#nts. They ruin someones life but their post car protects them. Usually their victims come off worse. Arrgh!! In-f#cking-furiating.

***This bit of course, never happened.


Leather Face said…
I agree with some of your comments on SUV drivers. Around 95% are wan*ers and are willing to cause the death of someone else so as they can arrive to their destination 2 mins earlier. As a Taxi driver i've nearly been taken out by these tw*ts of drivers on numerous occasions has they've been overtaking on these A-roads and even they are on my side of the road and I am have to break sharply and swerve as close, sometimes mounting the kerb the fat wan*kers still have the audicity to give me the fingers or the wan*er sign as if i'm in the wrong!!! I've usually flashed my headlights at them.

Around 05% are generally alright people who drive sensibly, have no ego problem but just made the wrong choice in vehicles - probably been persuaded, well influenced by hard sell adverts on commecial TV and Radio. I mean what chance do some of these easily brainwashed people have with all the mind controlling drug they unwittingly consume - Aspartame.

No the people who should be shot is the company execs who sell these behemoths and the people who design the adverts!

Of course my percentage fingers are guess work, it could be higher here or lower there.

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