Sometimes the title alone tells you it's a humdinger... "Nutty Professor II... Meet The Clumps", "Snakes on a plane?".

Why go for airports? Why not train stations? Why not town centres? I'm not trying to give these people ideas but it doesn't make any sense why they always seem to strike airports. It's almost as if they've got a different agenda from the one we're being told about. We're told they're trying to spread fear and destroy our Western way of life. Okay, nail a big nightclub. People would be terrified. Doesn't happen. Always an airport.

Some people argue that the reason for this is that terrorists are jealous of our planes and hi-tech global transport system. Others argue it's because terrorists haven't thought it through properly. One person once oddly argued to me that it's because airports aren't very well defended? Genius.

The reason this question is pertinent is because the other chief suspect in carrying out these terror attacks, aside from wacky Islamic extremists, is small sections of our own government. Their aim being ID cards, tighter border controls and ultimately a microchipped population. That used to seem really far out to me but nowadays it's just one possible alternative in a multitude of possible scenarios.

Now that agenda is served by focusing attention on our airports. ID cards, extension of your passport. Same goes for microchips. Job done.

I'm not really a conspiracy theorist.

Some people, particularly those who know me, think that's shy of the truth but honestly, when it comes to the crunch I really am not. If something went wrong who would I call? The Police. In a real situation I always fall on the side of the establishment. I just have a morbid fascination with any viewpoint which is contrary to my own. As a consequence I'm well versed in various ideas which are frankly rather silly.

The problem though, is that we're lied to frequently by the media and the politicians who run this world. There's no question about that. The more lies they tell the less weight their truths hold. In the end you don't know what to believe.

Why are terrorists fascinated with airports?

Doesn't make sense.



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