Sure enough he was a violent psychopath but in a way his death has made him seem almost friendly.

I'm loving iTunes. It's genius. I can press a button on my computer and whoosh up come a load of radio and TV shows for me to go through. Genius. One of my favourites for some time has been Alex Jones. I've followed his work for some time now. He's a pretty spicy bloke. This morning though he really freaked me out. He ranted about how he thinks the world government is about to initiate its final plans and kick off World War III. He predicts that in the next few monhs there will be a massive terror attack which will predicate the invasion and nuclear destruction of Iran, Syria and then North Korea. Here's a link to the story.

Not the most normal way for me to come round first thing! It usually takes me about an hour to fully wake up in a morning*. During this period I'm at my most vulnrable. Listening to Alex Jones at the time is perhaps not such a good idea. He actually started crying on air as he was going on about it.

Now one of his big claims to fame is the fact he predicted 9/11:

Here's the direct link.

After listening to this morning's two hour show I got a bit depressed and ate four packets of crisps. Fortunately they were French Fries and only equate to 1.5 points each. I've only had 6 points there. Usually it'd be 6 points per packet! French Fries are ace. If the world does end and there is a massive war I'll be fine just so long as we still have French Fries. If we don't have any of them I'll be very annoyed.

I'm trying to save up my points for tonight as it's my friend Tracy's leaving do. She's leaving Hallam FM. It was also my bosses last day yesterday. I had an odd moment where I said goodbye to him, gave him a hug and then oddly almost cried. I've no idea where that came from. Strange.


*12.30pm. That's my morning. What? I'm a night worker. It's. Anyway.


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