There's something wrong with this world.

Excitement isn't even the word. I've finally, after many years of hard slog, been published in 2000AD! I've been buying this comic for half of my life. I've wanted to feature in it since before then. Now, at last my dream has come true. This marks a new era in 2000AD's backpage. Where they publish all the reader's letters.

To summarise, my contribution is a neatly written, perceptive letter telling Tharg his comic is going through a creative Golden Age. It was an exciting morning. I think I qualify for a 2000AD action figure now, although I'm not sure. That may be a prize reserved only for The Letter of The Week. Time will tell. I did enclose my address, just in case.

Contact details have been one of the key features of this weekend. I've spent time trying to get hold of my mate for whom I was best man last year. It was his anniversary this Sunday just gone. I can't get hold of him though. His mobile doesn't work. I've rang round everyone who knows him and they all have the same number I do. I've now missed the deadline but still intend to deliver the goods.

So, today I spent the whole day going through my room looking for the phone number of either him or his parents. After searching for about an hour I found the old number for his Mum and Dad. Fortunately it worked and I got both his address and landline number. Now I am in the -sending something by next day delivery- league. It's late but it'll be there. Bottle of champage I think. Either that or flowers. No one wants flowers though do they? Champagne is much better.

What worries me about this revelation of tardyness is that one of my other friends who is a semi-regular reader of this blog has this weekend asked me to be his best man. He'll now be wondering if he made the right decision.

I do a good speech.




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