Time flys when you're in a coma (Thursday)

Ages ago I remember eating my first wrap. It was really nice. It was introduced to me as a healthy alternative to a sandwich because it wasn't thick bread. 'Great' I thought. I'll have these from now on. They're nice and healthy and tasty.

Fast forward a few months to the present day and I'm hooked on the things. But I've noticed as they get more popular* the quality of them appears to be in decline. The current nadir of which is the one I consumed today, a 'Ginsters Wrap'. Ginsters, if you're not already aware, make pasties. Their pasties are okay. Nothing to write home about** but they do a job. Their wraps however are no different from their pasties. Same thing. Not even less pastry, just it was raw. I felt conned as soon as I bit into it. The filling had hardly any meat in it. It was a pasty. A f#cking pasy. I was a tw#t for buying it. What did I expect? They make pasties, they don't understand what wraps are, someone somewhere has said, "huh, they're just like pasties". So they've made some pasties and called them wraps.

It's fair to say that this annoyed me all day. Anyone who knows me will know that this is exactly the sort of thing which can put me in a bad mood for hours. If you've read my blog for long enough you will know the veracity of this statement. I've a good mind to write in and complain to Ginsters, the only problem is that I'm both lazy and about to do fun things like going to Egidnburgh.

*Are they? Are they more popular or am I just thinking that because I eat them so regularly? Are they more healthy? I've eaten some which were 10 points! 10 point on weight watchers? Madness!
** Be odd if you did write home about them. Dear Mum, I had a Ginsters pasty today. Odd. Hate that expression, must stop using it.


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