To give someone something you must be prepared to lose out to them. To take from someone is worse.

Driving along back from my mate's house and I see two horrible little kids of about 7 or 8 years old chucking stones at a bloke in his forties. They were shouting abuse at him and being abusive. A little girl and a little boy. It was tragic on so many levels to see such a thing. I wanted to get out of my car and chase after the kids, perhaps give them a good kicking*. The flow of traffic I was in wouldn't really have allowed for this though. What was particularly odd about it is that the bloke was getting involved in an abusive dialogue with them. Saying something along the lines of "yeah, well you're scratters" or something. Like he knew them. Perhaps he did.

Obviously as I drove home I started thinking things like, "this world is getting worse, each day brings a new step in the decline of humanity. The gap between rich and poor is growing. The detritis of our society are reverting back to pesants. Soon society will have degraded to the point that all of us will be living in a society which is ruled by the law of the gun". And so forth. The usual b#llocks.

Then I tried to turn my thoughts round and started thinking about all the good new things in this world of ours. Like Podcasts. That was all I could think of. I'm quite getting into them myself. The Adam And Joe one is great. I've been giving them a listen today and yesterday. Also you can get The Bible, in its entirity! Genius. And some Zen Buddism ones.

I love podcasts and think I should do one. I just don't know what I'd fill it with. Part of me thinks perhaps I should read out a couple of the better entries from this blog each week. Not sure if that'd catch on or not. Maybe. I just feel like I should make myself part of the whole thing.

My friend Tom does one. My mate Toby does one. I've tried to do one before, but in the end it was rubbish.

Hmm. We'll see. The only other good thing I could think of which is a product of the modern world was the fact that my copy of 2000AD flopped through the door yesterday. It's Prog 1500! Quite a landmark. Numerically at least. Not a bad issue. 2000AD really is a great comic. It's got so many different elements to it. Once you subscribe (as I have) it builds up in the corner of your room until eventually you have a little stack of "graphic novels" waiting to be read. Sure, some of the stories are a bit duff but then that's the appeal. They try new stuff! It's a genuinely creative force.

They're not afraid of change! They've just added a new section to their website called 2000AD trailers. There's a new story coming up which is getting a lot of hype at the moment it's called Origins. It's supposed to be an analysis and explanation of how the world in which Judge Dredd lives came into being. Genius! It's could be a genuine classic. It really could.

Here's the link.


*This is a half thought. I've never given anyone a good kicking, let alone a kid. No matter how horrible and obnoxious they were. What I'm saying is I wanted to intervene. But I didn't.


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