The trip hat seems to be working again (Saturday)

I went out with my girlfriend and her new house mate today. We went to a free festival called Depercussion in Manchester. It was good fun. Although the threat of rain hung in the air throughout most of it. The bands were all new and I presume some of them were unsigned. One band who looked a bit like Kula Shaker really amazed me with their first song. It made me think of my favourite film 24 Hour Party People and the occasional fantasy I have of actually managing a band. Then they played their next song and I was amazed again, only this time by how cr#p they were.

"Should I go get some beers in then?"

As I stood in the queue there were two people infront of me. They were clearly on pills. Bumbling away to each other I suddenly felt a bit old and square as I thought things like;

"Yuk! Horrible druggies. Hope they don't try and mug me."

Then I listened in to their conversation and checked myself. It's unlikely someone on pills would mug you. They're too loved up usually*. Anyway I listened and their chat went like this:

"(-sharp intake of breath-) this festival's ace innit"

" band's sh#t."

"(-breathes out and looks around-)"

" i said the band's sh#t"

"Yeah man, they were good when they came on. Now they're sh#t."

"Yeh. They were good. Now they're sh#t."

It amused me that my opinions on something which is supposed to be subjective were confirmed so precisely by two drugged up chuffs. It made me think more closely about my blatant comedic facism. I think perhaps you can descern objectively between that which is good and bad in the extreme. It's just the fine tuning that's quite hard. Then again I think Stewart Lee is p#ss funny and many other people don't. Nah, scrap that, I'm back to square one. I don't understand people.

Talking of Stewart Lee, he never replied to my moronic email about stealing material. That must mean he thinks I'm right and good. Ace. "I win. I always win. Is there nothing on this planet that can challenge me?"**.


*Ha! I contradict myself now, with this story. Went to a club and a bloke comes bouncing up to me, I was about 20 or so and he goes "Arite Nick, you tried pills yet, they're ace. When you do 'em have a fight with someone. It's wicked!!". I was horrified. I'd known the guy at school. Non of us had liked him then either.

**Zod, Superman II. I read with dismay that the new Superman film has been seen as a financial dissapointment. I don't get that. It was genius. What's wrong with people. My review of it is here.


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