The world slowly folds as we watch fairy lights in the coming darkness. Where has your soul gone? Is it really on the back of a ten pund note?

I'm slipping into a strange creative malaise at the moment. It's annoying. I can feel it. I'm spending far too much time on the internet. Flicking from site to site and gorping at the screen. It's worse than the television. At least with that you occasionally get something which might challenge you. The internet is capable of perpetuating your own stupidity. By only looking at stuff which interests you it's possible to slip into a sort of intellectual isolation. That's where I'm at currently. Comedy shows I've always wanted to watch. The Star Wars Xmas Special which I used to dream of being able to see*. There's almost nothing I can imagine which doesn't exist on here. All you need to do is look. Spend hours looking. Hours.

I now have a nice comfy seat to sit on. It's blue, unlike that horrible white (and brown) one I had before. This means the screen is precisely eye level. With my flatmate away on holiday I've been sat glaring away at it. My soul slowly dribbling out of my mind and into the ether.

I hate the idea that I'm contributing to this collective hypnosis by writing this 'blog although I suspect I might be. When I was a kid I wrote a story about "Heaven". The idea was that in the future "Heaven" would be a giant computer onto which would be stored all the personalities of all the dying people in the world. Once in there they wouldn't understand that their body had died. You could still converse with them, in heaven. The internet makes this story feel less like sci-fi and more like reality. It's what's happening to us.

Soon we'll all be stuck inside these computers which give us so much trivial distraction from the world.

Actually that might be quite fun.


*Disowned by Lucas it features all of the original cast. Thought to be lost in the mists of time it has now surfaced on the internet on google video. Here.


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