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(Friday) As a kid I remember being dissapointed that not all Japanese people knew Kung Fu...

Shooty so loud I can hear you

Whose who's who?

(Tuesday) Why would a cog feel like a cog?

Too many Alpha males in this world. How about they all f#ck off and let us live in peace?

Scrap muncher. (Sunday)

Yak yak, etc. etc. The Enigma Of The Weeping Taxi Driver.

I can't get over how nice it is to have a fixed computer....

My faith in computers restored after abloke at BT hooks up with me over the internet and fixes it. He was a legend.

The moral of the story then? Don't do stupid s#it. Even if some c#nt's filming you for a TV show. It's still dangerous.

Spit in the bloody bin you fool.

Cast the reflection over there, it's unpretty to me.

How will I know when I've won the game of life?

Cheeky little face (Saturday)

The show went okay, I think. I had fun anyway.

Ship inshide tish house

Good lord I'm sweating like mad and it's raining outside!

Going from happy to sad like a yo-yo. (Tuesday)

My passnotes need a little work.

Three of the words in this sentence are wrong. (Sunday)

(Saturday) Comes. When.

Loving the newly enabled comments section. (Friday)

This is not a gospel... it's a dialogue. Now listen to me you c#nts.

Floppy Saturday?

(Tuesday) Smoke a fat one fatty.

I've altered the comments section a little, you don't have to have a blogger account now. (Monday)

You're an old man. A silly old man. You used to be a baby. Then you were a kid. Now look at you. You're an old man.

(Saturday) Catch me if you can... it's almost there.

Thank Crunchy!

(Thursday) You can dance to the tune of the devil's beat but lemme tell you now he ain't nothin' but heat

Jumping Jack Gash