Cast the reflection over there, it's unpretty to me.

Good God I've had a depressing day today. I've spent most of the day trying to fix a problem on my computer. The DVD drive has slowed down, possibly because I've installed iTunes onto my computer. Apparently it can b#gger up DVD drives on Packard Bell computers. Ar#eholes. Today I've re-loaded iTunes 7 and piss#ed about on some Packard Bell help forum. Largely non-the-wiser. It seems to be working a little better but it's still unable to play DVDs at a normal speed.

In the end I got so f#cked off that I ended up burning the DVD onto my harddrive and watched it from there. It was Curb Your Enthusiasm. Very funny. Been sat in my room for too long having only half watched it.

Other than that I've been reading various political blogs. It started after I stumbled over this blog which features pictures of angry Muslims annoyed at the suggestion that their religion has been accused of being a violent one which has been spread by conquest.

They're showing placards which say "Jesus will rise the sword of Islam" and "Islam will conquer Rome". At a guess there's about thirty or forty of them but the bloke who took the pictures (and he should know) says around 100.

The comments section of the blog I've cited is fascinating as you get the inevitable "send 'em back" brigade blundering about in and amongst a more genuine breed of poster who is confused by the situation.

The problem, as I see it, is that very few people in this country know anything at all about Islam but, thanks to a massive influx of people in the past 100 years it's now the second biggest religion in the UK. So we've got a large group of people who subscribe to a belief system which has been largely kept outside the borders of this country since its inception.

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding though, amongst the chattering classes. It's not up to me to learn about Islam. After all, why should I? It's not part of my culture, or history and I consider most religions to be nothing more than a load of mumbo jumbo. It's up to those who follow it to represent it to me. At the moment all I see is angry blokes waving scary placards. It's all I've ever seen. I still remember, even though I was a kid at the time, being pretty scared at the idea people were going to kill Salman Rushdie for writing a book!

There's a great article in The Guardian/Observer which illustrates this point here. It argues that the Pope's comments were "dangerous, and will convince many more Muslims that the west is incurably Islamophobic". If we analyse that word and sentence it's probably quite true. A combination of "Islam" and "phobic". Phobic of course meaning phobia, fear. Scared of Islam? Yeah man. I'm scared of people who wave placards with scary messages on them. Too right. Most of the people in the UK are scared of saying the wrong thing about it. They don't want to get into something heavy.

Salman Rushdie wasn't Islamaphobic, nor was he ignorant of Islam, look what happened there. Those people who drew those cartoons weren't, look at what happened. The Pope doesn't seem to be, look whats happening!

What annoys me though is the fact that without exception every person I've ever spoken to in real life who is a Muslim comes across as normal and we've got on fine. Friends of mine who are Islamic aren't waving placards. Who are these morons? They're doing a lot of damage, why doesn't anyone try and stop them?

Urrgh. I've spent too long infront of the computer.

I need some real life.



Anonymous said…
Too right Nick. I'm scared of violenc as well, especially when it's totally irrational. That's why I'm anonymous.

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