Cheeky little face (Saturday)

I can't get over how dull and boring the Little Britain people are in interview. They come across as utter c#nts. They'd be more suited to a funeral than a late night chat show. They're obviously not naturally funny. Everytime they made a "joke" there was more of a cheer than a laugh from the studio audience*. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with them not being naturally funny and/or interesting, just don't go on chat shows and waste people's time.

I can't remember which one it was, Parky I think. I sat there in amazement watching as Walliams blundered on about how wonderful he was swimming for the little kiddies in Africa. He actually said "the thought that kept me going was those little kids, dying". What. The. Fu#k?

He's a comedian. Not a politician. People like him are everything that's wrong with comedy today. He's taken it as a route into Hello magazine and Heat. Him and his fat mate who used to be funny. They're nothing more than jumped up celebrities. Unfunny. Laughing at old people. Silly catch phrases. I shudder at the possibility I ever found them funny.

I NEVER bought any of their DVD's, that much I can tell you. At least I don't think I did. Maybe I did. Can't remember.

There's something so sickening about smuggery though and that's what they were indulging in. Them and that fat twonk Elton John, who was also on the programme. TW#TS!

Talking in a deeply serious voice about Vicky Pollard and about the fact that, The Public, they come up to us and they say, "hey we want to see some more of that," so who are they to argue? Get to f#ck you stuck up t#ats.


*I've noticed this recently, particularly on The Charlotte Church Show. Everytime she delivered one of her scripted gags the audience literally did "cheer" rather than laugh. It's sort of sending out the message that "we don't understand this comedy thing but it looks fun and she's trying hard so... YAY!". At least that's what it says for me.


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