Going from happy to sad like a yo-yo. (Tuesday)

I had a nasty little incident today, just before I got into my flatmate's car I checked inside my car to see if there was a CD I was looking for in there. As I looked in I noticed a woodlouse on top of the roof of the car. When I pulled my head back out of the car door, I noticed the woodlouse wasn't there anymore. I'm not normally fussed about things like that but as I went with my flatmate in his car to have my hair cut I couldn't stop thinking it must be down the back of my neck. Dirty little things. Never found it though. Did you know Earwigs actually do crawl into people's ears? Ear holes are just the right size, damp and warm. They love it! Yuk.

For the first time in a long time I had my hair cut and actually liked the look of it afterwards. I was a little dissapointed that the hairdresser didn't find the woodlouse though. Perhaps she did and rather than mention it just recoilled in horror. "Dirty f#cker's got a woodlouse in his hair, I hate this job," she might've thought to herself as she talked about her holiday. Actually the poor woman talked about her lack of a holiday. Due to Doctor's advice she's not allowed to fly. I recounted this story to her and told her she should follow her Doctor's advice. I'm pretty sure the Doctors told him not to fly either.

I'm hoping my little haircut will help me out tomorrow when I get weighed at weight watchers. Technically I've managed to stick to my points quite closely but I've not seen the gym as much as I'd have liked to.

Well actually that's not true. I've seen the gym as much as I like to but really I should have been more than once.



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