Good lord I'm sweating like mad and it's raining outside!

I've been watching more conspiracy theory nonsense recently. Before I give you these links I'll just warn you, there's an awful lot of crap out there in conspiracy theory world I'm posting these links only because they're the better films available. If you get into all this be prepared to watch rubbish things.

Firstly my mate Dan sent me this little beauty: Mind The Gap. It's a good documentary but it's not quite in the same league as Loose Change. It covers the London Bombings in detail. My only irritation is that it's presented by some bloke who used to be in MI5. I don't know much about him but he crops up here and there in the conspiracy word. He annoys me a bit. Too smug. Still, credit to him for making a good film.

Secondly there is Alex Jones's latest film: Terror Storm. Not a great film but worth a little look. I have a few problems with it, it's too long in places but it's worth a look if you enjoyed the daddy of them all Loose Change.

I warn you though, these things are like crack cocaine. You get hooked. You waste hours. Your skin turns to porridge.

Excitement was in the air today though, despite my earlier predictions I did actually loose weight at weight watchers. Lost a pound. Also I won the raffle, this means I got £5 to spend at the desk. I bought loads of cereal bars and sweets, ate them all in one go. That's not going to be good for my internal organs. Not good at all.



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