How will I know when I've won the game of life?

Walking through a park today, bloke walks past us. He's obviously confused mentally and possibly also drunk. For some reason he seems to be very angry as he stumbles down the path. He sticks his middle finger up a few times in our direction. He also looks back a few times and mutters expletives. At points he looks like he's going to turn back and walk towards us.

I pop my hand in my pocket and grip my keys nice and tight. I start thinking things like, 'if he comes this way I'll get a few pops in his face with these first and then we can all shoe his head in while he's on the ground'.

The tension passes although he stops walking a few times he's still making his way away from us. I end up wondering what had upset him so much. Perhaps he thought we'd insulted him as he walked past us. Perhaps he's just annoyed in his own mind by all the things we represent. He was clearly confused and very likely "on" something. How odd that he could feel such violent and agressive urges towards us without any real provocation.

Then the more I considered it the more I turned my critique round to myself and my own behaviour. Perhaps he'd had a legitimate grievence with someone behind us that I'd noticed. There was me preparing a Yale Sandwich for him and he might have been about to have a go at someone else. Someone he knew.

"You're no different from him in many ways, Nick," went my internal lefty voice.

"No, f#ck him man, he was some silly drunk with an attitude," replied my right wing nutter side.

"You mustn't be so quick to judge people, he's clearly had a hard life and made a few wrong choices, not everyone is as fortunate as you are," went the lefty side.

"So, don't go getting tanked up and swear at people then," replied my right wing side.

"If he carries on like that he'll get the s#it beat out of him in town anyway," concluded my right wing side a little smugly.



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