I can't get over how nice it is to have a fixed computer....

Went to Zumeba to see Giggle and Funk. The compare even mentioned my weblog and this review, against my predictions. It's amusing that this means he read it. It's a oddly positive review though. I sincerely think it's one of the best comedy nights in the UK. It'll go all wrong one day, like everything that's good in the world, but at the moment I love it. We had a great night this time round as well. Two acts really stood out as great. One of them was called Susan Hanks. She was very assured and funny, difficult to compare to anyone else. She had some good solid gags in her set* and avoided the obvious. I'd see her again.

The headliner was awesome. He reminded me of an american comedian called Sam Kinnison. His name was Alex Laserev and here's a link to his myspace. Don't go there actually. Those sites are bad news. They can make even the coolest person in the world look like a total twonk. Here's an example of what I'm talking about from his page:

"drop me a line! Peace! ... Alex (I should point out, I don’t actually say “peace” in real life, it’s just an internet thing"

Precisely. He's aware that he's doing it. It's because he's on myspace. Apolitical inhuman nonsense. It degrades a person's identity by forcing them to write a little advert for themselves**. Myspace is bad. My girlfriend has one. I told her not to. I was toying with the idea and then this comedian to whom I am linking revealed that a myspace account was actually deleted because it had loads of conspiracy theory stuff on it! Ye Gods! That is EXACTLY the sort of s#it I would expect from such a site.

Anyway, despite coming across as a bit of a pr#ck on myspace he was very good onstage. Very good indeed. Big smile, and a brutal "we're all f#cked" message. He even referenced the film Loose Change which I keep hammering on about. It's in the sidebar to this blog, go watch it! I was really surprised when at the end he asked how many people had seen it and only me and my girlfriend had.

I live in a little conspiracy theory bubble, totally detached from my peers. It's scary.

Go watch that film.


*In checking her name I've discovered that she's playing at The Lescar in Sheffield this week on Thursday the 28th, with the fantastic Eddy Brimson[backlink to review of him] as well. Now that's a f#cking amazing line-up. If you live locally go and see that. You won't regret it.

** So what's the difference between that and blogger? I'll tell you, blogs are more real. Read this entry and tell me I'm writing an advert for myself.


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