I've altered the comments section a little, you don't have to have a blogger account now. (Monday)

Today I have spent most of my time playing on the computer and loading my CDs into iTunes. It's amazing watching all those tracks I own loading into my little 'puter. I don't spend enough time listening to my music. According to the genius philosopher Alan Watts, music and song is one of the only true forms of play and relaxation. I now plan to get me one of those walkmen* so I can listen to stuff in the gym and so forth. That'll be nice. My mate Matt Mackay has got one for £40 from MeadowHell. Think I'll go there tomorrow and make a purchase.

As well as loading all my CDs onto my 'puter today I have also been trawling the internet at the same time. This has thrown up an odd number of diversions. One of them is the lighthearted but at times oddly poignent nonsense that is Oceangram. A website which allows you to write a letter in a bottle and then throw it off into the sea. You then sit there waiting for other bottles to land at the shore. If one does land you can add a comment to it.

Here's an extract from one of the bottles ("---" - denotes a reply from someone):

Another goodnight wish to my dear husband. Please be safe and hurry home. We miss you.
Love Mary Kingsland, GA
wish i had someone like that
I hope your husband comes home soon x
May everyone away from home find their way back safely.
for all those away from home for whatever circumstances and maybe if we all contacted a relative we havent spoken to for any length of time there will be less people without a companion
hi mum, hi dad I miss you like crazy over here, not long till the baby is born and we all see you soon! Take care, luv you both
I miss having that in my life, I really do.
my brother hasn't spoken to me in 15 years and I miss him like crazy. He used to be my best friend.

how sad....here's wishing your brother will contact you again someday....
God's blessings to all those away from home and to all those awaiting their return. May they have peace, hope and comfort in their loneliness. And may a friend be standing by to hold your hand and give a hug! YAYA!

Minnesota, USA
we are all friends here a hand to anyone who may need it from me. Ann
Almost deleted this... i will next time.
keeping good thoughts

Bit tricky to know what to say to that isn't it? I did reply but I can't remember what I wrote. My mate James Piekos told me I should tell them all to 'go f#ck off' or something along those lines. He's a bad influence that boy.

Later in the day I sloped around the time waster that is YouTube. I'm slowly becoming more and more obsessed with obscure conspiracy theories and am half toying with launching a new blog dedicated to the subject. On reflection I decided that would be silly so quashed the idea. I can just incorporate anything I would have written into this thing. Perhaps an FBI thought machine made me do that? Or a UFO mind ray? Who knows. I'll make sure before the end of the week that I've written a nice conspiracy theory entry here. Unless the Lizards get me in some sort of horrible unpredictable fashion. Or something.


*Today I decided to call what most people describe as an iPod as a Walkman. In truth when most people talk about an iPod they're actually describing an MP3 player. In the 80's the same thing happened with Walkmen as most people incorrectly described their personal cassette players with the Sony brand name. I'm being deliberately wrong just to make some sort of point. I'm a sad b#gger. I know that.


Anonymous said…
Should work now.

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