Jumping Jack Gash

I've noticed a gradual but obvious decline in the quality of Pizza Hut. There was a point a few years ago when they were a pretty good outfit but nowadays I think standards have been allowed to slip, not only in Sheffield but in Manchester also. This entry from a while ago is one symptom of the overall drop in quality. As was the recent visit me and my lady paid to one in Manchester. After waiting for ages my girlfriend [as usual] commandeered one of the staff and ordered us to our table.

Now I suppose if I worked in Pizza Hut I might not bother smiling much either. I might apologise for the lack of ice and/or a straw in the diet coke though. I might even go mental and make eye contact with the people I was serving!

Bit depressing to get nachos which are cold and a pizza that was warm at best.

Still got a bit of heart burn.

I'm partly writing this because I know big companies like Pizza Hut employ net monitoring services which will ultimately find this and read it. Saves me filling in a complaint form like my girlfriend who frankly revels in things like that. I'm too lazy and wimpy.



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