Loving the newly enabled comments section. (Friday)

I feel like a rank amature. A proper fool. Last night I went to the 24 hour ASDA and bought myself the fantastic computer game Civilisation IV. As I bought it I asked the woman at the checkout if I could bring it back if it didn't work. She got ar#ey with me on the spot telling me very firmly that the labels on it so there's no reason why it shouldn't work. I was pretty confused and more than a little surprised by this agressive response.

"You work at the checkout, why would you get so annoyed about it? You're working in the middle of the night. Actually no, the early morning! What damage is it to you if I bring this back having copied it? You lose nothing." I said with my eyes.

Pah, no chance I'll ever be bringing this bad boy back though, the most addictive game in the world! It'll be genius. I'll waste literally days of my life playing on it. Oh, no I won't. It's an expansion pack. I'll have to take it back now. It says in little writing at the bottom, needs original game to play. Fu#knuts.

Only a total fool would buy an expansion pack and not check it. I'd got all excited as well; "ooh, that's cheap! I'll have that." What a d#ck.

Looks like I'll have to take the b#stard back after all. Me and the lady arrive at Asda today with the "expansion pack" in hand. We then asked the lady who has to stand there greeting people as they come in* where we should take it to. She also hit us with this attitude of "oh I'm not sure you'll be able to take that back. Wait and see what the woman at the desk says, it's up to her."

"It's up to the law of the land you silly cow" I muttered under my breath. Believe it or not that's quite out of character for me but their attitude was starting to p#ss me off. You're allowed to take stuff back if you're not happy with it. That's the law. It's not done out of the goodness of ASDA's heart. Tsk! Silly.

Expecting a fight I approched the stressed looking woman at the complaints desk, or customer services facillitation manager or whatever the f#ck she's called. Without so much as two words she gave me a re-fund.

I was a little peeved about that. I'd been hoping for a really good blog entry. All I got was an incident.



*What the f#ck went wrong with Asda? We're not Communist Russia, why do we need 'greeters'? Absurd.

All being well, below is a video of Borat. I'm of the opinion that Borat is still funny. His film is out soon.


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