My passnotes need a little work.

I'm obviously a fan of blogging. I like reading blogs, particularly those which say nice things about me and/or link to this site. One example of this would be my old pal Dave Turley from a station I used to work at called The Bay in Morecambe. He's a very geniune bloke, something you can see from his weblog. I'm loving the picture of him with a big turnip. You can't realy get any better than that.

Then there's this chap, about whom I know a little less. However, he links back to me and writes a good game so go see what you think.

Furthermore if you do pop a link on your blog and want me to return the favour leave a note in the comments section and I'll happily oblige. It's a drag trying to build up an audience to something like a blog and any help you can get on the way if always worth it. Although I promised myself I wouldn't get hung up on what happens with my site traffic it is nice to slowly build up a readership. Strangely satisfying to have a couple of readers here and there. This is my 291st post, meaning I've been writing this f#cker for almost a year now. I've been as strict as possible in not missing a day.

Apart that is from on Saturday when instead of publishing my entry I managed to save it instead. So it sat there un-read. That is, until now. When, via the magic of technology, I can backlink to the bugger like this.

Over the weekend I had great difficulty keeping to weight watchers as a mate of mine came up and we went to the infamous Devonshire Cat for a few beers. I'm falling down thanks to voracious snacking and this has been worse throughout Monday. I just can't resist a cheeky packet of crisps. Also I'm a sucker for sitting on my a'se and watching telly. So, instead of going to the gym I sat on the couch and watched a programme called something like, The Boy With The Amazing Brain. It was about a 'savant' who could do maths and see numbers or something. Genius. Much more fun than all the -frankyl crass- September the 11th stuff that was on.

I'm not sure where I stand on 9/11 but it's impossible for me to dismiss the '911 Truth Movement'. Once again I implore you to at least watch Loose Change and see for yourself the argument that all is not as they said it was on that day five years ago.



Pooka said…
Thank you for the link.

And your blog; it’s a good read.


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