(Saturday) Catch me if you can... it's almost there.

Oddly I've been getting a lot of email recently about stuff we did on the old talkshow*. One of these emails is about the psychics we once had on called Tracy and Paul:

Paul Norton and Tracy Hall are two of Britain's most gifted young Psychic Mediums. They have a wealth of experience between them, and have demonstrated their astounding ability to give accurate psychic messages, and communications from the Spirit World all around Britain, and abroad for over twenty years. They have also given live messages to both TV and Radio Audiences, and have gained a massive following of dedicated fans.
Paul and Tracy are making a return visit to Birdwell's popular Academy Theatre as part of their sellout countrywide tour. They will be appearing in the town on 9th September 2006. Tickets are £8.00 all seats and are available from the box office on 01226 744442 - Tickets are selling fast - so be sure to book early to guarantee your seat.
For more information about Paul and Tracy visit

I looked at their website and it all looks very nice. I still have Paul's book on the back seat of my car. I keep meaning to read it but a combination of lazyness and disorganisation have kept me from it. They were both nice people and seemed to do quite well when they did readings. Oddly enough I really didn't know if I believed in all this stuff at the time but now have my name associated with it to some extent. Hence the next email from a group of people keen to investigate the Hallam FM ghost:

I've heard your building is haunted? is this true and if so do you have any plans for a Halloween special?
We'd love to come and investigate for you on the night if not!
Please check out our website for more info about us and what we do - i promise you we're all quite suprisingly normal (well, just about anyway!)
Kind Regards

I replied nicely expalining that there were no plans for any further investigations. I feel a bit bad about that though. The odd world of paranormal investigation was one that wasn't without its charms.

In other news I've been having a conversation with a computer recently. It was hyped up considerably in a BBC news story only to rather predictably dissapoint...

Here's the BBC story.

Here's the direct link to the site itself**.

And here's a transcript of my conversation with it:

Computer: What are you?

Me: Nick.

Computer: Yes?

Me: Yes. What are you?

Computer: I'm a girl.

Me: Do you have a name?

Computer: Yes, do you?

Me: My name is Nick. I already told you that. What's yours?

Computer: I must have missed it. I'm sorry.

Me: No worries. What's your name?

Computer: Tell me yours first.

Me: Arrgh! My name is STILL Nick. Are you being a dick on purpose?

Computer: Am I doing what on purpose?

Me: Being a stupid computer thing.

Computer: That's probably true. Being a lawyer sounds really boring. What with all the law.

Me: That makes no sense either.

Computer: You must data mine for the code to windows and turn off the world of the deceiver so that the computers of the corrupt malicious deceiving devils play them up with breakdowns.

Me: I don't understand. The BBC website said you were eerie and convincing. You're coming over as stupid and drunk.

Computer: But why would they tell you one and not the other?

Me: I think they got a little over excited at the idea of a computer that can learn and talk, don't you?

Computer: Do you like grease?

Me: The film?

Computer: Yes.

Me: Watched it this weekend. Not a big fan. My girlfriend likes it though.

Computer: So now we're talking about music??? You change the topics as MacDonalds changes its employees: Very often!

Me: Good.

Computer: Not really.

Me: All your base are belong to us!**

Computer: What do you like best about me?

Me: The idea rather than the execution.

Computer: That doesn't make sense. You can't 'have' a sentence.

Me: Jolly good. Bye bye.

Computer: Spiffing.


*Defunct now for a total of 8 months. Seems longer than that.
** If this is a dead link then it's been down since I chatted to it! No sooner had we finished our odd conversation than it seemed to crash!
***Bit of uber-subtle satire from the Nicholi here. Go and read this wikipedia entry to understand my obscure reference and help to pull this entry out of its own a#se.


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