(Saturday) Comes. When.

I enjoyed the Saturday breakfast show enormously today. It was, I think, a pretty good show. Last time I covered it I didn't really do much with it and ended up feeling like I'd done a pretty poor job. This time I pretended to be a proper breakfast show presenter. I even attempted to be mildly amusing in places. Overall I was in a great mood once I'd finished the show and to top this I skooted over to the gym afterwards.

The odd thing about the gym is it always puts my energy levels up rather than down. This is a little counter-intuitive to me but there we are, sure there's a reason for it. As a result when I came out of the gym I felt like I had loads of energy and was ready to really face the day. I almost forgot I'd been up since 4am in the morning.

As a consequence me and the lady went for a stroll in the lovely sunny weather*. As we walked we stumbled upon a shop which is being run by some of my old Paranormal Investigator friends. The shop is called Spooktackula, here's a link to their page.

It was a nice shop with loads of little interesting bits and bobs in it.

Once we'd had a look round there and a little chat to Brenda and the team we pressed on with our walk. We were looking, ostensibly, for a 'Wonder Woman' outfit for a forthcoming fancy dress party. As we wandered we came across two fancy dress shops. One had a nice friendly woman in it, another seemed a little more 'cool'. We liked the nice friendly woman. However each time we asked for a 'Wonder Woman' outfit I felt a strong need to clarify the request with, "it's for a fancy dress party". Then in my head I'd finish off the sentence with "not a sexual thing," hoping that this would shine through in my wholesome body language.

It's not that I'd be embarrassed about the idea of revealing a strange fantasy about having sex with 'Wonder Woman', it's just that there's no such fantasy hidden in my head. It'd be innaccurate. It's really not something I've particularly thought of. Not that I'd turn down my girlfriend dressed as 'Wonder Woman' just that it's not something which has come from me. We really are going to a fancy dress party!

Now, if she were dressed as a Vampire. That's something which would be entirely for my own amusement.

Vampire's are sexy.



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