Scrap muncher. (Sunday)

I watched the film "Talk Radio" today with my girlfriend. We'd seen the play upon which it is based during our adventures in Edinburgh and thought it was great. Unfortunately the Oliver Stone directed nonsense we endured today isn't. My expectations were too high for a start. They'd been raised by the play. I'd expected something along the same lines but sadly it wasn't to be. It just turned out to be a bit depressing. All the wit and accuracy of the original had been drained from it.

Also, it was full of those stupid silly errors which they always put in films or TV shows about radio. They cut to a commercial break then wander off out of the studio, have a heated conversation with someone and get back in time to switch their mic on and tell people what's what. They don't wait for the end of the break, they just crack open the mic and get going. Stupid.

How would you be able to walk round the studio and broadcast without a mic and headphones? You couldn't. It's a stupid idea. Don't do it in your film. Arrgh! I end up feeling like a Doctor who watches Casualty or ER or something. Rolling my eyes and getting annoyed at the technical f#ck ups.

It's one of the reasons I have difficulty watching Frasier. A great TV comedy. Ruined by him not wearing headphones while he does a show. Stupid.

Also, he goes "hey you guys out there, hey listeners". What the f#ck? When does a radio person EVER do that? You talk to one person. No one says, "you guys out there". Silly.

If it had been a great film I'd have forgiven it these errors. It wasn't it was s#it.


On the other hand my flatmate Matt Mackay managed to put a smile on my face by getting himself locked out of our flat. He did this by losing his keys on a night out. Genius. As a consequence I had to cut short my visit to Manchester and get home earlier than usual. He spent the night in a B&B and then went to Valley Centertainment to play on arcade machines. He needs some sort of medal for his behaviour.



Leather Face said…
Strange but i'm just watching an episode of "Frasier" called "The Pefect Guy" and Frasier is wearing headphones!

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