Spit in the bloody bin you fool.

In the gym changing rooms. Bloke comes in looking like a bit of a tough guy with expensive shades on. His mobile starts ringing and the wackyness begins as he struggles to find it in his trouser pocket. In the excitement his bag empties its contents onto the floor. He finally manages to get his mobile to his ear; "Hello... hello...". Then he rolls his eyes and exclaims to no one in particular "oh, no one there". Puts his mobile back in his pocket and starts picking his stuff up.

I enjoyed watching this bit of nonsense and he managed to make me feel more self confident with his Chaplinesque fall from grace.

On my way home I was sat in an outragous queue. The traffic was going nowhere and in the middle of it I got distracted by my mobile phone. I'd got a message on it.

"Who's it from? Lemme have a look here," I thought to myself. Then: "BEEP BEEP!" shouts the car behind me.

"Bugger I must be holding everyone up. Ruined. No, the bloke behind is just annoyed that I haven't moved a few feet forward. We're stuck in a long queue behind some red traffic lights and he wants me to shift forward a little to give the illusion of progress? What a c#nt. Why should I bother moving a car space forward? We're not going anywhere. Nor will we be for sometime".

"He's annoyed at me".

"I'll just sit here and grin at him".

"Oh, he doesn't like that".

I've never understood c#nts like him. Why would you want to beep the horn in stationary traffic? Stupid cretin.

As the traffic ebbed and flowed I ended up quite a way infront of him. Just as I was congratulating myself for having superior grid lock negotiational skills he ended up overtaking me from out of nowhere.

The karmic balance was therefore restored. As his triumph in the race which I was playing out in my head annoyed me a little.



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