Three of the words in this sentence are wrong. (Sunday)

As you leave Sheffield train station and head back up towards town in the car there's a lane you have to get into if you want to go to "city". However, it's possible to get into the wrong lane and drive alongside everyone else in the wrong lane and ultimately overtake them. Everytime I drop my girlfriend off or pick her up I see some t#at skipping infront of the traffic like this. At first it only annoyed me, then it made me f#cking furious and now I thought I was just resigned to it. What used to really flip me out about it was the fact that without fail someone would always let the offending driver into the correct lane further down. Allowing them to skip the line of queing traffic.

Why? Why would people do that? You wouldn't let someone jump the queue like that if you were on foot. It makes no sense why once we're in cars the rules change.

Today the little situation took an interesting turn though. Today I actually saw other people in their cars getting piss#d off about it. I could see people pointing at the little t#at as they jumped the queue. No one let him in so he simply drove over the roadmarkings and got into the lane which eventually becomes part of the road further down. I was incensed! This is a new development.

I've never got drunk and f#cked about with traffic cones before but I've a mind to do so next weekend. I'll plant them on these markings which little c#nts like him ignore. I'll also plant a landmine underneath each of them. This will inevitably cause a situation on Monday morning for one of them. In my drunken stupor I'll set up a camcorder and film it. Laughing and laughing at one of these pr#ck holes as they realise the error of their ways I'll possibly get arrested when police recognise me on CCTV. My defence in court will be simple: those roadmarkings denote the fact that cars are not supposed to drive on that patch of road. Those traffic cones shouldn't have caused a problem. It serves the injured party right. Moral of the story; don't be a c#nt who overtakes proper normal queing folk. I imagine they'd read this entry out from my blog and I'd be fined or jailed for a few weeks. It's political correctness gone mad.



Foundation said…
Yes, well that's how wars start I guess.
Five years on and the Lebanese are hating the Israelis as much as Osama once hated the Americans.
And you are hating the buggers in the wrong lane.
It's not so very differnet really.
Nicholarse said…
Yeah man.


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